LL-Summer: Week 1 – What is a Syllabus?

The Learning Lab Team kicked off Week 2 bright and early on Monday, with an extensive brainstorming session on the syllabus. Here are the results of our attempts to catalog all the many complementary and sometimes contradictory roles that a syllabus might play in a course, the tasks it may try to accomplish, and the... Continue Reading →


LL-Summer: LLUF Orientation

On Wednesday afternoon, the Summer 2017 Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellows (LLUFs) came into the Learning Lab for their first orientation session. The LLUFs got up to speed on Slack, Canvas, and other essential pieces of the LL workflow, and took a tour of the Bok Center and its facilities with LL Media Production Coordinator Mike... Continue Reading →

Making Lizzie Borden

In order to broaden its outreach, the Society for American Music recently commissioned a series of Digital Lectures on American Music. Harvard graduate student Monica Hershberger was selected to create one of the inaugural lectures, based on her dissertation research. Monica came to the Bok Center to plan and film her talk on the creative... Continue Reading →

Alex Rehding and friends on multimedia projects

When faced with multimedia or "practice-based" projects, students sometimes have trouble negotiating the distinction between creativity and critical intervention, or documentary value. One of the things that makes this distinction so challenging to cope with in class, says Fanny Peabody Mason Professor of Music Alex Rehding, is the fact that artists don't actually think this... Continue Reading →

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