LL-Summer: Week 0 Montage

Check out all the exciting things that happened at the Learning Lab during Week 0!   Learning Lab Summer 2017 - Week 0 Montage from Learning Lab on Vimeo.


LL-Summer: Week 0 Photography Workshop

by Samantha Wiratunga (Learning Lab Graduate Fellow / HGSE) On Monday, June 12, the LLGFs (Learning Lab Graduate Fellows) and LLPFs (Learning Lab Postdoctoral Fellows) got together for a crash course in photography and video editing with Learning Lab Director Marlon Kuzmick. Working with different DSLR cameras, we learned about portraits, close-ups, and wide-angle shots.... Continue Reading →

Alex Rehding and friends on multimedia projects

When faced with multimedia or "practice-based" projects, students sometimes have trouble negotiating the distinction between creativity and critical intervention, or documentary value. One of the things that makes this distinction so challenging to cope with in class, says Fanny Peabody Mason Professor of Music Alex Rehding, is the fact that artists don't actually think this... Continue Reading →

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