LL-Summer: Week 0 Photography Workshop

by Samantha Wiratunga (Learning Lab Graduate Fellow / HGSE)

On Monday, June 12, the LLGFs (Learning Lab Graduate Fellows) and LLPFs (Learning Lab Postdoctoral Fellows) got together for a crash course in photography and video editing with Learning Lab Director Marlon Kuzmick. Working with different DSLR cameras, we learned about portraits, close-ups, and wide-angle shots. Experimenting with different ISO settings, shutter speeds, aperture values, and sources of light, we learned to use the camera’s histogram to determine values for a good exposure range.

We were also introduced to the internal communications mechanisms at the Bok Center connecting up to Slack and Trello. Slack is the Learning Lab’s primary communication platform (replacing email) used for sharing links, ideas, and media, as well as the place we organize themes for group thinking called “channels.” Adam gave an introduction to Trello, the site the LL team uses for managing the workflow of a larger projects. Adam showed us his General Education workflow. After lunch we then worked in video editing for the afternoon. Using Final Cut Pro to take a small segment of video footage (from Jean Claude Van Damme’s combat exercise on a green screen) to edit together a short montage combining one background video with another, and positioning two videos side by side to demonstrate contrast and dynamism.


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