Data Vis Links for the Dev Team

There’s a nice wrap up of web-based graphing and data visualization tools here. And some of the the key ones to explore are:

  • d3.js –– because–of course.  This is the one to learn if you don’t mind difficulty, want to create web-based interactions and/or want to have maximum control.
  • dc.js –– which is built on top of d3 and allows interesting cross-graph interactions.  There’s a good tutorial for it here.  And if you think that this example is full of potential, you can find the annotated source code for it here.
  • Vega –– billing itself as a “Visualization Grammar” (and what could get the LL more excited?), Vega let’s you plug in JSON and get really great results.  Examples here.
  • NVD3.js –– also built on top of d3 (a pattern emerges!), NVD3 offers reusable d3 charts.  Examples are here –– check out this one and this one and this one, for instance.
  • Epoch –– don’t know loads about this one, but I can think of loads of good uses for the real-time charts around the LL.
  • sigma.js –– slick and smooth animations of network graphs.  If you can think of a non-bs reason to use a network graph, that is.
  • leaflet.js –– interactive maps!

The LL-Summer data/code team is going to be working on these—let us know if you’d like to join us!


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