LL-Summer: Week 1 – What is a Syllabus?

The Learning Lab Team kicked off Week 2 bright and early on Monday, with an extensive brainstorming session on the syllabus. Here are the results of our attempts to catalog all the many complementary and sometimes contradictory roles that a syllabus might play in a course, the tasks it may try to accomplish, and the... Continue Reading →


LL-Summer: LLUF Orientation

On Wednesday afternoon, the Summer 2017 Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellows (LLUFs) came into the Learning Lab for their first orientation session. The LLUFs got up to speed on Slack, Canvas, and other essential pieces of the LL workflow, and took a tour of the Bok Center and its facilities with LL Media Production Coordinator Mike... Continue Reading →

LL-Summer: Week 0 Photography Workshop

by Samantha Wiratunga (Learning Lab Graduate Fellow / HGSE) On Monday, June 12, the LLGFs (Learning Lab Graduate Fellows) and LLPFs (Learning Lab Postdoctoral Fellows) got together for a crash course in photography and video editing with Learning Lab Director Marlon Kuzmick. Working with different DSLR cameras, we learned about portraits, close-ups, and wide-angle shots.... Continue Reading →

Data Vis Links for the Dev Team

There's a nice wrap up of web-based graphing and data visualization tools here. And some of the the key ones to explore are: d3.js –– because–of course.  This is the one to learn if you don't mind difficulty, want to create web-based interactions and/or want to have maximum control. dc.js –– which is built on... Continue Reading →

towards the Slack app

As mentioned earlier, the LL team is trying to make a variety of Slack-based procedures central to the summer workflow, and we'll be sharing links we find relevant on this blog (mainly for us, but who knows?) as we work. Earlier we posted on Express, the lightweight framework for developing web applications with node.js. Also... Continue Reading →

Express Folder Structure

The LL dev team is at work trying to finalize some Slack integration ideas this summer and will be randomly posting useful links here.  So: Nice post on Express folder structure here.

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